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‘Black Ink’ Star Sky Gives An Update On Volatile Relationship With Estranged Son Genesis — Photos

Black Ink Crew Genesis Update?

The most recent season was a super tough one for Sky. Sky made the decision to give her two sons up for adoption many years ago. She then opted to reach out to them after not having contact with them for over a decade. It seems like a rough issue for all involved.

Her relationship with her younger son, Des, has grown since first reconnecting with him but we all witnessed the turmoil and drama that followed her first encounter with her older son, Genesis.

But there is hope on the horizon!

Genesis previously wanted zilch to do with Sky. Ceaser tried his best to get Sky and Genesis to hash things out, but both were too stubborn to figure out a solution.

“All I’m trying to do is figure out some type of resolution, because there’s one story, there’s another story, and then there’s the truth," Cease once said. “I can see a lot of Sky in this [expletive]! He look like if I say one wrong word, he ready to pounce on me!”  

Sky was hurt that Genesis wasn’t open to reconnecting, but she was happy and grateful to have a good relationship with her youngest son, Des.

Des wasn’t thrilled about Genesis being so icy towards Sky, which led to a rift between both brothers.

We haven't seen or heard much from Genesis until now...

Thankfully, it appears things are flowing much better between the trio. Aw!

Sky even shared an adorable snap on Instagram, captioning it, “❤️ Complete...#UsNevaThem”.

❤️ Complete... #UsNevaThem

Des also posted a series of photos of him with his mother and brother captioned, "Someone needs to work on their smiles lmao happy asf we back🚀🔥💴💯"

Someone needs to work on there smiles lmao happy asf we back🚀🔥💴💯

He also shared photos of him and his brother.

Who is you 🔥
Genesis previously explained his take on the family fractures, saying, "I was released from jail without an ID and when I went to the family… I was told that my social security card had been lost. I spent two months struggling to get the information I needed just to get my ID. No help was offered from my mom, not even recognition of me being alive until I did this interview."

"I would have loved to have a relationship with her a long time ago," he had then noted, before clarifying that he is an adult now and he didn't feel the urge to reconnect.

Well, it’s nice to see that the dynamics at play might be headed towards healing! 

VH1’s Black Ink Crew airs Wednesday nights 10/9pm central.

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