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Report: Blac Chyna Has Reached Out To Tristan Thompson’s Side Chick Lani Blair With A Very Messy Idea

You can always trust Blac Chyna to join forces with any and all Kardashian enemies.

Honestly? It’s kind of brilliant. But it is mostly funny.

In Touch Weekly says that Chyna is looking to reclaim her club scene crown (um) and she wants Tristan Thompson’s side-chick (well, one of many, apparently) Lani Blair right there with her, as his main mistress "could be a major asset."

"Chyna's desperately trying to be the queen of the club scene as she once was and called Lani Blair to help," a source shared. "Chyna's well connected in the night life in LA and thinks if she and Lani headline a club, they'd rake it up."

Can you even imagine Kris Jenner’s reaction?

"Yeah, it's messy, but Chyna could care less," the insider added. "She hates the Kardashian girls but loves a woman who's trying to come up and make a name for herself in the industry like Lani."

"Chyna respects Lani and feels she's not to blame in the Khloé/Tristan saga," they then explained. "Besides, Chyna feels she's in a position to put Lani on in the club scene and thinks they'll be great friends."

We bet they will be…

Oh and Tristan is still reportedly talking to Lani behind Khloé’s back, so there is that to consider too.

"They’re friends and she wants to be there for him in a friendship type of way,” a disher previously confessed.

While she is still “very much attracted” to Tristan, Lani is willing to push her feelings away, out of respect for Khloé and Tristan's relationship (as well as their baby girl, True).

Lani initially wasn’t thrilled about Khloé and Tristan seemingly reconciling.

"Tristan always told her that she meant a lot to him and they had a deal that he would take care of her as long as she kept their encounters secret and she stayed out of the limelight, and Lani definitely held up her end of the bargain."

Anyway, what do we all think of this little plot? Would Blac Chyna and Lani Blair teaming up together to make money, money, money be ridiculous and ill-fated or a smashing success? 

Might be a good back up plan in case Chyna’s lawsuit against the Kardashian Krew ends up being tossed out for good, we guess?

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