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Blac Chyna Expecting Child With 18-Year-Old Boyfriend After Showing Off 'Baby Bump' During Son's Graduation — Photos

Is it really true that Blac Chyna is pregnant again?

Blac Chyna has social media in a frenzy as her fans speculate she's pregnant by her 18-year-old boyfriend, YBN Almighty. Chyna was first rumored to be pregnant in April, but her latest photos certainly appear to show a small baby bump!

The reality star was photographed arriving at her son's graduation event carrying balloons. Her five-year-old son, King Cairo, with Tyga was graduating from kindergarten in Los Angeles.

Chyna wore a body-hugging pink dress with a plunging neckline, which obviously seems inappropriate for a school function. However, the attention of most fans were on the 30-year-old star's belly. 

See the alleged baby bump below: 

Fans began commenting on social media, asking if Chyna is pregnant again by another rapper.

One fan wrote, "So #BlacChyna went from Tyga, to Rob Kardashian, to a 18 year old soundcloud rapper with a fake chain??? Wowww."

Another follower commented, "King Cairo’s new daddy will be like 13 years older than him in few months? 🤦🏽♂️ I don’t know if I’m lost or nah #ybnalmightyjay #BlacChyna."

Chyna already has son King, who she welcomed in October 2012, with rapper Tyga. She went on to become engaged to Robert Kardashian and they welcomed a daughter named Dream in 2016. 

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Chyna had a messy split with Kardashian and the two are still embroiled in a custody battle over their daughter. 

The Instagram model moved on to dating an 18-year-old rapper named YBN Almighty Jay, after he "slid into her DMs" on the religious dating site, Christian Mingle.

Jay opened up about his relationship with Blac recently, claiming they met on Christian Mingle. 

"How did I meet Blac Chyna? I was searching on Christian Mingle and [expletive] and I seen her profile pop up and I'm like, 'This [expletive] fire,'" he told Jumper. "So I slid in her Christian Mingle messages and [expletive] and she responded to my email so then we had linked up and [expletive]..."

The teen rapper went on to admit that he doesn't use protection and what he would do if Blac fell pregnant. 

He said, "I don't wear a condom! If Chyna got pregnant, I would keep that [expletive] like, 'Daddy loves you. I love your [expletive].'"

Blac has previously been open about wanting more babies, revealing after the birth of Dream that she wants four kids in total. 

"I wanna have maybe like two more [children]. I wouldn't mind having four; I think four is a good number," she told Us Magazine.

"No more after that. Five is too many. I'd have to get a minivan for sure, and I'm not riding in no minivan."

Chyna sparked pregnancy rumors months ago when she was spotted at LAX with Jay on April 28. The Instagram model appeared to be sporting a baby bump under her baggy sweatshirt. 

There are reports that Chyna smiled at the cameraman, while also rubbing her stomach.  

The rumors died down after TMZ came out with a report in early May, stating that the reality star was definitely not pregnant.

One source is claiming that Chyna isn't pregnant, but simply loves all the attention from the rumors.

The insider dished, "Blac is not pregnant, but she loves letting people think she is. She lives for this kind of attention. She knows it’s driving Rob [Kardashian] crazy, so she’s going to keep this rumor going for as long as she can. Plus, the stories are a huge turn on for her and her boyfriend. He loves fantasizing about getting her pregnant, so any chance she gets to play into it she’ll take."

Do you think that Blac Chyna is pregnant again?

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