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The Internet Comes For Blac Chyna After She Uses Father's Day To Trash Tyga & Rob Kardashian

Apparently, Father’s Day is actually just an opportunity to publicly trash the men in your life? No. Of course it isn’t. But darn if people aren’t jumping on the chance though. 

Blac Chyna is kind of an interesting lady.

Popping over to her Instagram Story, the reality star decided to take a shot at Tyga and Rob Kardashian. 

“Wow Tyga and Rob …… no child support BOSS [expletive] All 201………,” she wrote in the first part of her story. “Just cause y’all in my business!” she continued.

Okay, okay. Um, do you buy that either—or both—of them don’t financially support their respective children? (Dream is Rob’s daughter with Chyna; King Cairo is the son of Tyga and Chyna).

Guess who decided to weigh in? The Internet. And after The Shade Room posted the screenshots of BC’s IG Story, commentators spoke up.

“She could’ve text them or got someone on her team to do it,” one wrote. “Why would she need child support when she has her kids 3 days a week and their dads have them the other 4... She better humble herself before they ask her for child support,” another shared.


See Blac Chyna's message to Tyga & Rob below (scroll left): 
A message from #BlacChyna 👀 #Tyga #RobKardashian

Incidentally, Rob and Tyga were reportedly perturbed over mutterings that she may be carrying her teenage boyfriend’s child a few months back. 

“Rob and Tyga are both freaking out over Blac Chyna’s latest pregnancy rumors. Rob has reached out to Tyga asking him what he knows about Blac’s new boyfriend and if he thinks she really could be pregnant with his child. Rob is furious and doesn’t want to believe it could be possible so he has been texting on Tyga about what he might know about the awkward situation. Neither of the guys have much trust in Blac, so no matter what she tells them, they are not sure what to think.”

That wasn’t all…

“Tyga thinks Chyna may have setup her new guy and planned to get pregnant with his baby since they first started dating. Even though he is angry about it too, Tyga is not surprised at all about the rumors and believes it could be true. Neither Rob nor Tyga like the idea of a much younger rapper, that Blac barely knows, having a child with Blac and in the same house with King and Dream.”


So, do you think that Blac Chyna should have aired this bit of dirty laundry? Or eh?

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