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Amber Rose & Blac Chyna Are No Longer Besties As Both Take Bold Step To Officially End Their Friendship

Unfollowing someone typically sends a certain kind of message, right?

Hm. And it’s not unusually a sign that a relationship—romantic or platonic—is going well.

Well, based off of their latest public social media choices, it totally seems like the friendship between Blac Chyna and Amber Rose might be over. 

Apparently, Chyna skipped her pal’s Annual Amber Rose Walk and went to the BET Hip Hop Awards instead (which evidently also took place in LA, albeit later in the day).

Or perhaps they got into a tiff before either event, which may explain why Chyna didn’t show up to support her buddy. Eh. It seems to be leaning towards the former...

“One of the biggest days of the year for Amber is her annual Amber Rose Walk. She finds it very important to put on and appreciates all the support she gets from her fans, sponsors and friends so having Chyna ditch it was a major slap in the face. She was very disappointed in Chyna for not showing up,” an insider told HollywoodLife.com.

“Lots of people were waiting for her. Now the talk of the Amber Rose Walk is about how and why Chyna didn’t show over the message that Amber wants out there from the event. Amber is very upset that Chyna made it all about her when the day should have been all about people who are struggling and want change,” they continued.

“It will be very hard to forgive Chyna or this, Amber is mad. It was just very rude for Chyna not to show up especially since she had no good excuse not to in the first place”.

Beyond that, Chyna’s absence reflected poorly on Amber, as her attendance had been promoted to the media ahead of time.

Yikes. Well, theJasmineBRAND pointed out they were no longer following each other, noting they ‘have thrown in the towel’ on their BFF-status. 


Needless to say, fans had thoughts.

“Ain’t nobody friends anymore lol Not even Blac Chyna and Amber Rose. [Expletive],” one wrote.

“So Blac Chyna and Amber Rose aren’t friends anymore. *whispers* I think Amber should’ve dropped her ages ago,” another tweeted.

We mean, they have been close for a really long time. Indeed, they have been each other dates to events since at least 2015. Just this year, they smooched on-camera at the BET Awards.

Everything seemed to be going great between them this summer; they were often spotted together, sometimes even holding hands. At the end of August, Amber shared up a throwback snap from their first red carpet event together.

Honestly, we hope these two can work it out. 

Should Chyna have shown up, as promised or does Amber need to let it go?

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