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IT'S HAPPENING! It took Beyoncé and Jay Z 4 years but they are FINALLY…

IT'S HAPPENING! It took Beyoncé and Jay Z 4 years but they are FINALLY…

Blue ivy took the world by storm when she was born. It's was partially from the fact Beyoncé and Jay Z was actually giving birth to their first child and seeing such a power couple do normal, non-selfish things like have kids, is truly a sight to see.

Kids take time, work and effort to raise. We all love their innocence and carefree attitudes about the world, everything to them is new. When they smile, we as parents smile. When they cry, we cry. There is such a deep unmoving bond parents have with their children since birth, it can only be considered a blessing to have one. But in the same breath, children are a huge responsibility and if you're not ready, you will be caught off guard. Blue Ivy seems to have only caught fans off guard with how cute and full of personality she is. She is seen with her parents in almost every photo and looks so in-tune with their frequency as a family unit. But Blue may be getting a surprise soon. A surprise every only-child loves to hear when they're younger. A brand new brother or sister!

Blue Ivy must have been such a blessing Beyoncé and Jay-Z are reportedly ready for baby number 2. Beyoncé is someone who rumors follow no matter where she goes, she just can't escape them. Normally the rumors are about new music releases but this time they're about a baby. 35-year-old Beyoncé is reportedly ready for her next kid. A source at Hip Hollywood states they've been trying for a while now on a second child, but after so many failed attempts they chose to use IVF. The two's MO has always been of privacy so no wonder why if this rumor is true, it's been under wraps.

Just like her first pregnancy, Beyoncé's been keeping this secret and her belly under wraps too. Reports say the couple plan to announce the pregnancy with class and surprise, even utilizing Blue in the announcement. We will just have to wait and see if this is really true.

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