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Beyoncé And Jay-Z Kick Off "On The Run II Tour" By Showing Faces Of Carter Twins — Photos

Beyoncé and Jay Z sent fans into a frenzy after showing what appeared to be the couple holding their twins, Sir and Rumi, on the first night of their "On The Run II Tour" in the UK.

The photos are exciting for the Beyhive as we haven’t seen the babies since July of last year.  

The Carters opened their performance in Cardiff, UK with the amazing unveiling, showing both Jay-Z and Beyoncé on the very large stage screen. As reported by TMZ, those in attendance roared in amazement from the close-up photos of the twins. 

The center screen reads a heartfelt message fit perfectly for the flick: “Love Is Universal.”

See the new photos of the Twins below: 
#Beyoncé & #JayZ finally decided to show the twins off at the opening of their #OTR tour!

As we all thought assumed that Beyoncé and Jay Z were giving them a rare peek at their twins, their rep has set the record straight.

Fans reacted to the photos in excitement, but diehard fans had already heard the denial.

One fan said, "It’s been confirmed those aren’t the twins. Those aren't the twins only the ones at the vow renewal are the twins and from the other scenes."

Another wrote, "But those aren’t the twins lol. They are way older than those babies in the photo,and it was confirmed by Beyoncé’s rep that this in deed wasn’t the kids. However, there is a video of them in the beginning of their OTR tour."

Beyonce's team soon released a statement saying that the babies the singer and her husband were holding were actually models. 

Buzzfeed asked if the photo was Beyonce holding Sir and Rumi, with the spokesperson replying, "It's not." 

However, fans still got a glimpse of the couple's actual twins in a photo apparently from their vow renewal ceremony.

"At the end of the show the Carter babies were included in a family collage [however] the babies in the film clip at the beginning were not their children," a source revealed.

Other clips projected on the screen during the concert appear to show Rumi and Sir Carter. 

Beyonce and Jay Z did share personal video footage of their family during the show. However, many fans were curious why they would pose with children that were not their own.

The photos were shown along with a message that read: "Love is universal." 

The twins, who will turn one-year-old on June 13, have rarely been seen in public and the couple has only shared one image of them before. 

Beyonce announced her pregnancy on Instagram in February 2017, saying the couple had "been blessed two times over."

Since that time, Bey has only posted one photo of her adorable twins.

The couple also have a six-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. 

In January, Jay Z gushed over the newest additions to their family. He said, "We are in a beautiful time now because they are 7 months and they can’t move. They can just coo … they just coo and you don’t have to, 'Wait, wait, wait, wait.'"

He continued, "You know, they’re not running anywhere yet. We are going to enjoy these couple of months until they start running, and then it’s over."

Beyoncé and JAY-Z announced the tour in March, which includes 15 European cities and 29 North American performances.

A source close to the couple reveal all three of their children are joining them on tour. The source stated, "It took a lot of work to make this [joint tour] happen. It’s the best choice for their family."

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