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Watch: Beyoncé, Mama Tina And JAY-Z Doing The Electric Slide Is The Christmas Blessing We All Needed

It looks like the internet is getting an earlier Christmas present and we're here for it!

Beyoncé, Jay-Z, her mother Tina Knowles Lawson and her stepdad Richard Lawson recently did the electric slide. And there is proof!

Tina posted it on Instagram, but it seems have since been deleted. Not before some buzzzyyyy bees could grab it though.

Apparently, she captioned it, “Why at every party even a kid’s party do we have to do 10 versions of the Harlem shuffle, electric slide, cupid Shuffle, wobble Shuffle, The Texas shuffle —everything but the kitchen sink Shuffle.”

Watch this bunch jam to “Before I Let You Go,” by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.

#PressPlay: Okay! Ya faves be doing the electric slide at family parties too #Roommates! 😩👀🙌🏽 #Beyonce #JayZ #TinaLawson #TSRICanRelate

Amazing. Also, this made us way happier than it should have. So silly.

Tina also recently shared a snap of Bey’s long ponytail, insisting that all those “inches” were Bey’s real hair.

INCHES!!!! So happy my baby’s hair grew back !! She is going to get me 😩

A while back, Bey warmed our hearts when she praised her mother for all of her accomplishments when Tina received the Essence Inspiring Leadership Award in 2016.  She referred to her mother as "the most inspirational women of our generation" in a video!

"After being rejected from every single fashion house, she turned her love for fashion into purpose. She designed all of Destiny's Child's original stage costumes herself."

"One of my favorite things to do growing up was visit my mom's hair salon. It was the hottest spot for African-American women. I got to see these women transformed. And the impact my mother had on so many. And how life-changing these two hours of these women's lives were."

Bey wrapped this up by saying, "My mother has been through a lot, survived a lot. And I feel like when people see my mother...they see themselves. They see their mother and she is everyone's mother. She's my leader and she's definitely my inspiration. And everything I strive to be."

Tina is also known to “works consistently to promote women’s empowerment, community relations and social justice through several organizations, such as The Knowles-Rowland Center for Youth, The Survivor Foundation, Miss a Meal, and Goodwill.”

She also isn’t afraid to dish about Bey publicly. But not in the somewhat-shady way that her father Mathew does.

So, you know. We approve.

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