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Here's The Sad Reason Why The 3rd Installment Of ‘The Best Man’ Franchise Is On Hold Indefinitely

Can they bring the crew back together before it's too late? Hm!

It took fourteen years for fans of Malcolm D. Lee’s romantic comedy The Best Man (1999) to get a sequel and they may be waiting just as long for another. The third installment of The Best Man is apparently delayed indefinitely.

At the end of 2013’s The Best Man Holiday, the set up for a third film (which is tentatively titled A Best Man Wedding) was pretty on-the-nose, with playboy Quentin, played by Terrence Howard, declaring that he was finally tying the knot.

Arguably, stringing out this plotline would be a clever and poignant way to wrap up the trilogy about college friends navigating the transition from single to married life. 

Bad news though! According to a recent interview with director and producer Malcolm D. Lee , we may never see the bachelor party to end all bachelor parties when Q swaps "I do"s.

In a lengthy sit-down with CaliforniaSunday, Malcolm opened up about the struggles he had in even getting Best Man Holiday made.

“I told [the cast], ‘If we do this, nobody’s getting paid what they’re worth. You got to think about this as an indie movie with studio financing.’ ”

Well, the film went on to have a $30 million opening weekend and grossed $72.8 million on a $17 million budget. Having made its money back with an audience score of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, creating the next movie seems like a no brainer. 

Not so, Malcolm says.

Initially, it seems as though the studio wanted to make a third. Malcolm thinks it will be the best one as it is “the Malcolm Lee movie we’d expect.” But they won’t pay up, so it's all been halted.

“[The movie] been delayed indefinitely. I don’t feel at this point that I should have to struggle. I kind of paid my dues," he explained.

Yup! So ridiculous.

Given that the cast took pay cuts to do the second, it’s possible (and reasonable) that they’d want more for the BMW

Another hurdle is the fact that most of them are pretty busy these days! Howard is stacking checks on Empire, Sanaa Lathan has Nappily Ever After coming on Netflix and Nia Long has been on NCIS: Los Angeles...and those are just a few examples.

So, would you show up to the theater for a third The Best Man movie? 

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