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T.I.'s Ex Side Chick Bernice Burgos Drops Some Interesting Baby News On Instagram

Bernice Burgos, who is known for her brief romance with rapper T.I. and her killer curves, has confirmed her 21-year-old daughter is pregnant. 

Burgos posted a video where she claps back at people criticizing her daughter Ashley's pregnancy. 

Bernice's daughter had previously attempted to keep the pregnancy a secret. However, Ashley's baby bump is getting larger and she confirmed the baby rumors on Snapchat. 

There were rumors swirling back in October that Bernice was about to become a grandmother at the age of 37-years-old. However, the reports were not confirmed until recently. 

#BerniceBurgos daughter confirms she’s indeed pregnant 😆 Most people knew already, but she was still keeping it private, she’s getting too big to keep it a secret now....👶🏾💕 #TeaTENDERS

The news of Ashley's pregnancy finally was revealed and many people had lots to say on social media. Bernice wasn't having that and decided to lash out at critics of her daughter. 

In an Instagram video, Bernice states, "Public service announcement! Okay, let me let all you haters know — the people that support me, I love y’all. But let tell you all something: My daughter, she’s already 2. She’s happy, and whatever decisions she decides that she wants to do, I’m there for her. At the end of the day, I had her at the age of 15, you know. I was a young mom."
BERNICE SAID YA’LL BETTER LEAVE HER AND HER FAMILY ALONE! LET HER BE A GRANDMOTHER IN HER 30s! #berniceburgos #celebrities #celebritynews #clapbackseason #clapback #popglitz #blogger #blogpost #shade (via @fameolousig)

It’s official: Bernice Burgos confirms she’ll become a grandmother at 37! Her daughter Ashley is pregnant with her first child. Watch Bernice announce the baby news in the link in bio! #berniceburgos #pregnancyannouncement #pregnant #baby #babynews #flyestgrandma #baddy

Burgos went on to say, "Now, I’m going to be a young grandmother. And I’m going to be a bad grandmother. And I love her to death. Ashley, don’t worry about these [expletive] haters, okay? We were trying to keep it a secret because sometimes you have to keep your personal business private, you know, just for us, for the family. But you people are all talking so much gossip and so much [expletive] that y’all don’t got nothing else to do. She’s good, though. We’re all good. But anyway, stay tuned for the reality show that’s going to come really soon."

Abundance of Vibes

Bernice previously opened up about her daughters in an interview with The Breakfast Club, following rumors she was the 'other woman' in rapper T.I. and Tiny Harris' marriage. The Instagram model denied having a relationship with Tip, claiming it was simply business. 

In the interview, she opened up about her daughters. She has one daughter that is 21-years-old and another one that's 11 years-old.  Bernice explains that she was 15 when she had her first daughter, forcing her to grow up fast. Burgos also revealed that the baby daddy was a 19-year-old who was in and out of jail.

Fans find it hard to believe Bernice is going to be a grandmother. 

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