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Bow Wow Goes Off & Drags Longtime Mentor Jermaine Dupri For His Recent Breakfast Club Comments

“I’m over everything,” Bow Wow penned back in August. “Mentally I feel detached Im in so much pain bro…”.

He then hopped onto Instagram to explain that he had been drinking and shooing away any critics who plan on judging him, writing, “LORD WHY CANT I JUST HAVE SOME PEACE SOMEBODY HELP ME.”

And now he is in a feud with his longtime mentor, Jermaine Dupri.

What happened? Well, the issues started unearthing themselves when the label founder swung by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, with Xscape, to discuss the upcoming So So Def reunion tour.

In light of Mac Miller’s recent passing, the morning radio show co-hosts began to ask JD for details about Bow’s lean addiction revelation (which played out on Twitter the other day).

But the industry icon claimed that he “don’t even be following Bow Wow,” before stating that this was his first time hearing of the incident.

This shocked DJ Envy, who brought up that the duo seemed to have had a father/son, big brother/little brother dynamic. “It’s just what y’all see,” Jermaine responded. “It ain’t really like that.”


"How long have I been dealing with this?” he then said of the musician-turned-reality-television-mogul’s online antics. “It’s been every day of my life since he was 12-years-old.”

He also stated that Shad’s claims don’t seem “realistic,” as he has been there to guide and watch over him.

“If that’s your man, you had to see him doing the drugs, right?” he shared. “And, if you see your man doing the drugs, you’re supposed to say something if you’re a smart person. I have never seen Bow Wow do no drugs around me. And Bow Wow’s never been to jail. Bow Wow ain’t never got no cases beating on no women. Nothing. It’s not going to happen around me. So, I’m saying, I’m in his life.”

Um. Anyway, Shad Moss (Bow Wow) made his way to his keyboard to address all this. 

“I dont know why n[expletive]s start with me like i dont have the drop on these n[expletive]s' lives... bro u better calm down before i tell the world about your wife. 😂,” he tweeted. “2 types of people i never met in my life a motherf[expletive]r like me or a motherf[expletive]r i need.”

He then threatened to pull out of the tour, saying, “I wont be there #ssd25”.

Looks like #BowWow’s getting some things off his chest on Twitter 👀👀 #JermaineDupri

Do you think that Bow and JD can and should work this out?

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