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The rumors are all TRUE! Draya Michele's camp confirms that the 30-year-old Reality Star is DEFINITELY...

Draya returns to Film season 5 of Basketball Wives LA but Producers are already fed up with her...

Draya had folks thinking she was done with “Basketball Wives LA” after her relationship with Orlando Scandrick became a hot topic and Sundy Carter made some insensitive remarks about her son, but now that Sundy is gone, Draya has decided to remain on the show.

However, the latest gossip suggests producers may be fed up with the reality star.

Reality Tea writes:

According to our source, the ladies are finishing up the season with the requisite “ladies who really hate each other but vacation together on the network’s dime” trip which has become a reality television staple. The BBWLA crew is rounding out the season in Puerto Rico. The insider notes that one former underdog turned fan favorite is noticeably absent from this drama fueled tradition (and we wonder why other countries don’t like us? It’s because we send our best and brightest to belittle their cultures as they toss drinks on one another wearing overly expensive caftans!).

We have been informed that Draya Michele didn’t travel to Puerto Rico with her cast mates and she’s been missing in action at several key events that have been filmed for the show. The insider also hints that not everyone will make it another round no matter how brightly their star has shined in the past. Hmmm….I have my suspicions, but I also can’t imagine any of the ladies, from Draya to Jackie Christie to Malaysia Pargo leaving after the new season on their own accord. Only time will tell, I guess!

If Draya leaves or they kick her off, would you still watch this show?

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