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Mother And Her Boyfriend Charged With Child Abuse After Locking Up Her 4-Year-Old Son In A Closet Without Food And Forcing Him To Defecate On Himself

A Michigan woman accused of locking her four-year-old autistic son in a closet without food or water has pleaded guilty to first-degree child abuse. 

Megan Schug, 24, entered her guilty plea on Tuesday in Calhoun County, Michigan circuit court. She is facing life in prison when she is sentenced on April 13. 

Her defense attorney, Ronald Pichlik, told the Battle Creek Enquirer that Schug did not strike a plea deal with prosecutors for a lesser sentence. 

Her attorney adds that Megan may testify against her boyfriend, Isaac Miller, at his trial next month and could "hope for some consideration for her cooperation."

Prosecutors said Schug and Miller tormented Schug's 4-year-old son, Maloyd Gaines, by making him fight with his half-siblings, who ripped clumps out of his hair.

Miller, the father to two of Schug's four children, reportedly singled out Maloyd.

Maloyd was in critical condition when he was taken to the hospital in March of 2017.

Back in June, Schug cried in court as prosecutors described the condition her son was in when he was rescued.

Megan took her son to the hospital on March 22, 2017 because he was having trouble staying awake and was not eating.

Doctors examined the little boy and they realized he was being abused. Maloyd was removed from the home by Child Protective Servies.

The boy was lethargic, emaciated and having trouble breathing, doctors testified at a hearing in June.

"I saw a child that was near death," Dr. James Yenger told District Judge James Norlander.

Michael Zaleski, a Child Protection Services case worker who was called to the hospital, spoke at the trial. 

Zaleski said of the little boy, "He was very thin to the point he was very sickly. He had abrasions and cuts and rashes all over his body. His toes were blackened and swollen and his hands also were swollen."

Maloyd later lost several toes due to a gangrene infection. 

Zaleski visited the child's home after reports of abuse, revealing that there was no furniture except for a small couch, TV and TV stand. He noted there was human waste on the floors.

Battle Creek police alleged that the child was kept in a locked closet for days at a time and was not fed, his feet were bound and he was forced to urinate and defecate on himself.

Maloyd's mother admitted locking him in a closet, sometimes overnight, for punishment.

She told them she abused her son at her boyfriend's request. She claims she was scared he would hurt her if she didn't.

Shrug would reportedly lock the little boy in the closet at night and open the closet in the morning, according to reports.

The report also states the pair deprived Maloyd of food for a day or two at a time and beat him with wooden slates when he refused to hold a crate as another form of punishment.

Schug told investigators that she was not allowed to give her son a bath unless Miller was at home, which was rare. 

After Megan's arrest in March, her family members told local news outlets that they feared for his well-being and had tried to remove him from the couple's care, but were denied.

Morgan Shug said, "I asked my sister, can I take my nephew, she said no. I knew he was being beat up by Mike."

She claimed to seen Miller beating the boy with a switch. It's not clear whether she reported her concerns to police. 

Isaac Miller, 35, is charged with child abuse and is scheduled to stand trial in March.

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