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‘Basketball Wives’ EP Shaunie O’Neal Reacts With A Vengeance To Jennifer Williams Exposing Her — Video

Should Jennifer Williams return for the next season of Basketball Wives? She sure did stir up the drama. Too much, actually, maybe?

Throughout the recently-wrapped season, cast members Shaunie O'Neal and Jennifer Williams proved time and time again that their relationship is fractured beyond repair. Lots of shouting.

Well, Jennifer recently tossed some insults at Shaunie, so that is something to add to the pile, (especially after she skipped the Basketball Wives reunion show.) 

Despite the fact that Jenn seemed to be to blame for several big rumors that shook things up in recent months, she is sticking to her story, claiming that she was not the source of those mutterings.

And she sure let Shaunie have it.

“She starts a lot of [ish] behind the scenes,” Jenn recently told Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God & DJ Envy.

Jenn then addressed the awkward moment during the reunion show where Tami Roman asked Shaunie if she ever told Evelyn about her inability to have children.

“It’s really interesting that Shaunie has selective memory. She couldn’t seem to remember if Tami had said those things, which had happened … She never wants to be in the middle of everything.”

When it comes to Shaunie saying Jennifer called Evelyn a mother to her daughter Shaniece… Williams says the Amsterdam confrontation was the first time she ever heard of that rumor. 

Shaunie was trying to say, ‘Oh, Jennifer said this … five years ago’ … I’ve known [Shaniece] since she was 6,” Williams tells the radio show Tuesday, Sept. 18. “I’ve never even seen Shaniece with a credit card, to be honest with you. So, one, that’s something I would never say. Shaunie … starts a lot of bulls[expletive]  behind the scenes. … If I said this five years ago and this is your girl, why, one, are you just now bringing it up? Two, why were you advocating for us to sit down and have a conversation last season. But now, this season, it’s something totally different.”

Jenn admits that the “amped-up ratchet antics” this past season might have been a result of a ratings drop the previous season. All of the extra drama this season has translated into more coins for Shaunie.

“The ratings have been out the room, which means that’s an extra check for Shaunie O’Neal,” she also stated.

After being dubbed as Messy, Shaunie O’Neal is firing back.

According to, The Basketball Wives OG —who also serves as executive producer of the reality series—reportedly fired Jennifer Williams after the interview. 

Shaunie is now pushing back against claims. In fact, Shaunie declared that no decision has been made on who will or will not be popping up in front of BBW cameras for season eight.

Hm. Okay. Funnily enough, the ladies of Basketball Wives chatted about their top five picks on this front the other day for a little video.

Shaunie explained that she would bring back Evelyn, Tami, Jackie, Malaysia and BBW Miami OG Suzie Ketcham.

Malaysia would stick with Brandi, Love & Hip Hop star Bambi Richardson, Jackie, Shaunie, and Evelyn.

Evelyn chose herself, Shaunie, Kristen, Malaysia and Jackie, along with DJ Duffey as a sub. Jackie picked Shaunie, her own daughter Chantel, Malaysia, Tami, Evelyn, Cece and OG. 

Also, some are convinced that Jennifer is actually making her way over to Real Housewives Of Atlanta, so who knows what the reality show future holds? But feel free to take a guess anyway. 

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