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WATCH: Tami And Evelyn Exposed Each Other In Nuclear Fallout During Epic ‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion

When the trailer dropped for Season 7 of Basketball Wives last week, looked like there would be drama for all to see. 

And when the Reunion episode aired on Sunday night (September 16), it didn’t disappoint. 

Frenemies Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman engaged one last time in a verbal altercation that didn’t end the way fans of the series would have expected. 

Just like we reported last month, Tami up and walked out of reunion to the surprise of castmates, producers and viewers. 

The ladies, who didn’t get along for most of the current season, continued that same energy on Sunday’s episode. 

Roman first gave a public apology to Evelyn Lozada for claiming she lied about her role in the infamous domestic incident with ex-husband Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson. Yeah, THAT one that pretty much ended his NFL career.

Looks things are heating up between #Evelyn and #Tami 👀

All hell broke loose after Evelyn refused her apology and called her “fake.”

Tami then chose to expose her Basketball Wives co-star for sending an email to the show’s production team about Roman’s personal life. 

“The email… was a very personal topic about my life with my guy,” Tami says. “And I felt like it was inappropriate and unconscionable.”
Tami VS Evelyn👀👀 #BasketBallWives #BBWLA #BasketBallWivesLa #BBWReunion #TamiRoman #EvelynLozada(Video Credit @vh1 @basketballwives)

Evelyn claimed Roman told Shaunie O’Neal “you could no longer have kids no more,” which Tami says she didn’t do.

“Non–embryo–havin’…” The Bonnet Chronicles star says to herself.

“Excuse me? I just had mine, honey,” Lozada said before GOING THERE with Roman. 

“My eggs still work, boo-boo. Thank you. … Yours are fried as f[expletive].”

Tami, who has mentioned her troubles to get pregnant, replied with “Miscarriages aren’t anything to make fun of.” 

Thoughts💭💭 #BBWReunion #BasketBallWivesLa #BasketBallWives #BBWLA (Video credit:@vh1 @basketballwives) 

After trading more shade, Tami opted to end all of the talking by challenging Lozada to step outside to catch the fade. 

 “You’re too old,” Lozada says.

Can We All Just Let Along😥#BBWReunion #BasketBallWives #BasketBallWivesLa #BBWLA #TamiRoman #EvelynLozada (Video credit:@vh1 @basketballwives)

Not long after, Roman thanked her castmates for “an amazing season” before bouncing.

“It’s time for me to go,” she says.

"I Got To Pee And I'm Tired"😂 #BasketBallWives #BBWLA #BasketBallWivesLa #BBW #BBWReunion (Video credit:@vh1 @basketballwives)

Marc Lamont Hill, who was hosting the reunion, tried to get Tami Roman to get back on set. Opting not to double back on her decision to bounce, Tami changed her outfit and left out in her car. 

Thoughts💭💭#BasketBallWives #BasketBallWivesLa #BBWReunion #TamiRoman (video credit:@vh1 @basketballwives)

According to, Tami Roman’s decided to walk out while the cameras were still rolling blindsided the producers and put her agreed on spin-off show in serious jeopardy.

Called The Beverly Trill Billies, The Mona Scott Young produced series was supposed to start shooting soon and would be a play on the 1960’s sitcom, The Beverly Hillbillys.

The Basketball Wives spin-off would hilariously follow Tami and Reggie YoungBlood entertaining his family that lives down south.

However, now that she’s left the producers out to dry during the reunion taping, the show might not happen now.

Tami Just Walked Off That Stage Like GoodBYE!😥#BBWReunion #BasketBallWives #BasketBallWivesLa #BBWLA #TamiRoman

In case you were wondering, Jennifer Williams didn’t attend the Basketball Wives reunion as she’s at odds with everyone on the show.

Guess if you don’t have the receipts, you don’t bother showing up for yet another tongue-lashing or table throwing incident. 

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