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‘Basketball Wives’ Co-Stars Jennifer & Malaysia Come For Each Other In Heated Back-And-Forth Exchange

As fan of VH1’s Basketball Wives has seen, Jennifer Williams is in the hot seat with a lot of people on the current season 

The mid-season trailer recently released ensures fans that this drama filled, outrageous season will continue. 

One of the most notable fights was between Malaysia Pargo and Jennifer Williams. Malaysia is seen trying to launch an entire table at Jennifer! 

In the clip the group is on a trip in Amsterdam. The audience is left in the dark about what Jennifer said aside from “[expletive] you” to prompt such a violent reaction. We’ve now learned what Jennifer has done to anger Malaysia.

But, William’s isn’t in hot water with only Malaysia. 

Jennifer told Tami Roman a messy rumor about Evelyn Lozada. She apparently told Tami that Evelyn allegedly slept with an ex of another cast member Shaunie O’Neal.

Many suspect the ex is Shaquille O’Neal.

Williams denied it but Roman provided some text messages to Shaunie that showed Jennifer was indeed responsible for spreading said rumor. 

“‘Shaunie never got back to me ladies, we need Malaysia to drop a dime to her about her ex and that witch,’” Shaunie read from the messages. “‘You need proof and solid hardcore proof,’” she added to another’s response.

“Ugh, I know. Gotta nail her [behind] to the cross with this. With no resurrection.’” she then read of what Jennifer texted in response.

Jennifer only brought the rumor up to hurt Evelyn but rest assure there’s no proof to her spiteful claims. With that said, Jennifer is big mad at Tami as she says she wasn’t going to bring it up after returning to the Basketball Wives cast.  

Malaysia got upset and later confronted Jennifer about her ways. Pargo felt as if Jennifer was just throwing Roman under the bus to save herself. Tensions run high and she ends up throwing a table at Jennifer. 

Jennifer got keyboard happy and took to Twitter to express how she really feels. 

The VH1 reality star wrote, “People want me to be that same girl from 7 years ago, keep trying me…The fact that you are proud of throwing a table says a lot about you… #basketballwives”

A fan took to her aid claiming Jennifer is not one to be fighting on TV and everyone knows this, which is why they are trying her.

Jennifer responded, “Some people have no class…everyone wants to point the finger but not back at themselves.”

Malaysia retweeted Jennifer’s #basketballwives tweet with a cold caption that read, “I’m going to Chick-Fil-A. Anybody need anything?” Snoring emojis and all. 

Malaysia also separately posted, “Keep that same energy offline, sis.”

One thing is for sure: these two really don’t mess with each other any longer.

VH1’s Basketball Wives airs on Mondays at 9/8 Central. Be sure to tune in for more crazy drama!

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