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Bambi pulls no punches and calls Erica a flat out LIAR! This entire time Erica has been lying about WHAT?

According to MStarz:

Bambi apologies to Scrappy's Daugther before calling Erica a flat out LIAR! This entire time Erica has been lying about WHAT?

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reality star, Bambi apologizes for calling Scrappy's baby mama and castmember, Erica Dixon and her daughter Emani for calling his ex a "b*tch."

 In a long apology posted on her social media accounts, the reality star said that she exploded during the reunion show because she hated to see Scrappy being painted as a bad father when she's only witnessed him as wonderful father since the day she started dating him, "This is the last time you'll see me argue with Erica. Watching Scrapp get dragged for being a "deadbeat" was a lot for me. I'm sure most won't get that because I'm not his wife or baby momma tho. For as long as I've known him, the only thing he's ever been consistent with is providing for and spending time with his daughter. It's embarrassing for this little girl to have to go to school and have people pick on her because they think her dad doesn't take care. I would never just side with a man without knowing facts."

Erica was asked if she thought Scrappy's girlfriend, Bambi was a major factor in their child support drama, she said, "I don't care about her. She's irrelevant. I'm sorry, my concern is Scrappy and what he needs to do for his daughter." Bambi yelled back, "You need to be worried about what the f*ck I'm doing because I'm bouncing the check books b*tch, so if you want one, you need to holler at me." When asked if he doubted that Erica was a good mother, Scrappy yelled, "Hell yea!" he continued, "If you a baby mama and I'm sorry that your baby daddies don't do sh*t for you, that don't got nothing to do with me. But, if your baby daddy take you, put you on a show and give you and 'go head do your thang so you don't have to ask no man for nothing' and you still come for his neck. Man, f*ck you."

What do you make of this madness?

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