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Rapper Azealia Banks Makes Some Disturbing Allegations Against Rihanna And Kanye West

Azealia Banks just seems really unwell. It’s pretty sad, actually.

The New York rapper is widely known for starting many internet feuds with celebrities with (little to no effort) and now she’s back with another interesting story about two of her music industry peers.

The outspoken rapper just chimed in on the Rhymefest versus Kanye/KimKardashian-West battle that took place on social media the other day.

Rhymefest (Kanye’s now former friend) removed Kanye’s mother’s name (Donda West) from the non-profit organization he runs called Donda's House, Inc. The organization has been facing financial troubles for quite some time now and Rhymefest feels like Yeezy could care less. 

Cue up Azealia Banks as she claims Kanye’s careless attitude is something she had to deal with herself. 

Banks responded to Kim Kardashian's tweet aimed at Rhymefest, where she claims he has not been maintaining the foundation, and now he's mad at Kanye.

She pointed out to the Kimmy Cakes that Rhymefest made a more practical point, and Ye should be more hands-on with Donda’s House since it’s dedicated in the memory of his late mother.

"But it’s dedicated to Kanye’s mom... i would assume kanye would be the one sustaining the foundation," tweeted Banks. "Not everyone can afford to pay loads of $ sneakers. I was at that session and kanye had a private Chef cooking food for only him. Kanye had [people] in the studio hungry and broke."

Miss Banks continued on to claim that Kanye left her hungry while stuffing himself in front of guests. "Literally the most obnoxious thing to watch kanye eat a plate of cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto off Versace plates and 24k cutlery while not offering anyone in the room a single snack."

It wasn’t over as Azealia then extended her rant towards are favorite r&b singer from Barbados… Rihanna. 

She says Rih Rih pulled a similar stunt when she went to her house to work on some music. According to Ms. Banks, she was in the basement of Rihanna’s Malibu home writing raps while Rihanna went up stairs to party. 

See some of Azealia’s rant below in the following screenshots:

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Miss Banks has come at Rihanna. last year, Azealia tried to start some silliness with Rihanna, but it, um, did not work out well for her then.

We’re pretty sure that fans, especially the “Rihanna Navy” will not take kindly to these claims made by Azealia. 


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