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2-Year-Old Is Denied Lifesaving Kidney Transplant Because His Father Violated Parole — Video

What is the world even doing these days?

The organ transplant of a 2-year-old boy who was born without a kidney will likely be stalled for months.

Why? Brace yourself, the answer is likely going to infuriate you.

His father’s latest arrest. 

Anthony Dickerson has report been in and out of jail on misdemeanor theft charges (and a first-degree forgery) charge since 2011, Gwinnett County jail records state.

Just this month, he was released on a $2,600 bond on charges of fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer and possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of attempted felonies.

However, Anthony promised that his son A.J. was going to be the one thing he did right in his life, the child’s mother, Carmellia Burgess explained to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

When he discovered he was a match to donate his kidney to Anthony Jr., he couldn’t wait to help.

Needless to say, the family was “hysterical” when they found out the day of the planned surgery— October 3rd—that Emory University Hospital had decided to change the plan.

“They’re making this about dad,” Carmellia stated. “It’s not about dad. It’s about our son.”

The AJC obtained a letter from Carmellia, in which a hospital official said the surgery would be pushed back until Anthony could provide evidence he has complied with his parole officer for three months.


Carmellia noted that news of the hospital’s decision caught her by surprise, as Emory had earlier been supportive of Anthony being the donor. The hospital had reportedly even requested Anthony’s temporary release from jail, according to a letter from Emory’s Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program to the Gwinnett County jail, where he was being held.

“We will re-evaluate Mr. Dickerson in January 2018 after receipt of this completed documentation,” the hospital representative said in a letter.
Janet Christenbury, an Emory spokeswoman, issued a statement that insisted that the hospital is committed to the highest quality of care for its patients. 

“Guidelines for organ transplantation are designed to maximize the chance of success for organ recipients and minimize risk for living donors […] Because of privacy regulations and respect for patient confidentiality, we cannot share specific information about our patients.”

“If Mr. Dickerson could be escorted to Emory for blood work and a pre-operative appointment tomorrow, September 29, we will be able to continue with the scheduled surgery,” an Emory official said in the letter. 

While records show that Anthony was released on October 2nd, his son’s surgery has not been rescheduled for this year.

There is a petition floating around; it has already collected more than 26,000 signatures, but Carmellia (who created it) doubts the petition will make a difference.

She worries that waiting until 2018 may be too late for her young son. She told CBS news that her son needs bladder surgery and his body is failing. The other option is for A.J. to join the kidney transplant waiting list, but that could take years. The National Kidney Foundation said once a patient is on the waitlist, it takes three to five years on average to get a transplant, but children get priority.

“I’m just taking it day by day,” she said. “That’s all we can do.” 

A GoFundMe page also was set up with a $1,000 goal, which has already been surpassed.

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