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Porsha Williams Announces Engagement To Entrepreneur Bae & Shows Off Gorgeous Engagement Ring — Photos

Guess who’s baby bumping around time and ready to head down the aisle? 

Congratulations to Porsha Williams, who is now engaged to her entrepreneur boyfriend Dennis McKinley and proudly showing off the rock on her finger. 

Just a few weeks ago, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star confirmed the long reported rumors that she was indeed pregnant. 

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was excited [but] I had mixed feelings. The other feeling that I had beside excitement was fear,” Porsha shared with PEOPLE.

“I’ve had a miscarriage before in my past, which I’ve also been open about because I suffer with fibroids and had to have a myomectomy,” the 37-year-old continued “So just the fear of, ‘Is the baby going to be okay? Will I make it full term?’ All those questions that you ask if you’ve had a miscarriage before.”

Now that her pregnancy is public, Williams reportedly had a gender reveal party where all of her family and friends got together for the special celebration. 

In the midst of the party, the father of her unborn baby got on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. 

After saying yes, she later shared a photo on Instagram to show up the massive diamond ring  with the caption, When your [sic] happy and it shows… had a blast @porsha4real”. 

See the rock below: 

That’s a real nice rock on #PorshaWilliams’ hand!!! 👀 via. @therealhousewivesofatlanta

The internet weighed but surprisingly, not all of the comments were positive. There were fans who accused of her copying former co-star Kenya Moore, who recently got married last year and currently expecting a baby as well this fall.

One person wrote: “All of you fake af!!! Where was this same energy when Kenya announced her proposal followed by her pregnancy. Both women were equally messy, but congratulatory messages should be bestowed upon them both!! I feel you but at this point would you rather her not get married? Or get [rid of her unborn seed] and try again? Sure it’s not ideal, but at least it’s happening.”

A second fan said: “Pregnant and married 👁👁? Ok he sounds a lil’ too perfect. Yeaaaaaaa sis ain’t pushing no baby out without the ROCK. Living her best life! People need to stop hating. Sis got some ice on her finger but um tell me, who let their friend leave the house with that chain on their pants.”

Another supporter  went on to reveal: “She deserves it after that first marriage of hers stay blessed doll. Now she can feel how Kenya feels. I’m happy for her. All in God’s timing, so loving that these ladies are finding love. I’m pretty sure her fiancé/husband lives with her and doesn’t have some stupid excuse of why he won’t move… like someone’s so-called husband.”

The reality TV star recently opened up about going to the doctor to hear the baby’s heartbeat and to also get a look at her unborn baby. 

Porsha showed off her baby bump and shared they learned the gender of the baby but quickly changed the story.

Cheeky #MommyToBe: #PorshaWilliams showing off her #BabyBump after her #First trip to the #Doctor 🤰🏽😍 . 

Fans of the RHOA star think Williams accidentally revealed she’s having a boy (similar to the slip-up that Kenya made recently about her developing child.)

Congratulations are in order for #PorshaWilliams because she’s going to be a mom! 

Congrats on the baby and the engagement Porsha Williams! 

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