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T.I's Alleged Side-Piece Asia’h Epperson Reacts To Backlash After Throwing Shade At His Marriage To Tiny

Recently, we told you about Asia’h Epperson throwing some shade at T.I. & Tiny Harris  after being accused of “wrecking” the married couple’s marriage. 

After all of the backlash, does she regret saying what she said? 

As you may remember, a few Instagram users believed Tip’s alleged side-piece was sneakily insulting the union of T.I. & Tiny. 

The 29-year-old actress shared a photo of herself for her followers when a user (@jamesbeenhaddat95) accused the Greenleaf star of being a ‘homewrecker’.

Asia’h's response was interesting. Instead of outright DENYING the allegations that she slept with a marriage man, she opted to instead take shots at HIS MARRIAGE

In response, she clapped back saying: ‘A homewrecker I would never be. Not my style! I’m into building baby! However, on another note… Just so you know, you can’t wreck a wrecked home.’

Check it out below:

Now, an insider is telling HollywoodLife that she regrets making those comments and that her temper just got the best of her. 

The source explains: “Asia’h majorly regrets commenting online about TI. She has a short temper and is a very passionate person, things that T.I. likes about her, but her attitude also gets her into trouble sometimes.”

Of course, she’s human and felt the need to defend herself from the cheating label from social media trolls.

“She was offended, and she felt disrespected by some online bullies coming at her with misinformation, so Asia’h snapped, clapping back and trying to defend herself. She deleted most of her comments quickly, but did not think screenshots would get out so fast.”

The same source said Asia’h does not actually want to create more drama between the Xscape singer and the rapper.

“She feels foolish and never meant to make trouble for TI. Asia’h really likes TI a lot, really cares about him and does not want to make unnecessary trouble for him and Tiny.’”

Back in June, Asia’h ended collecting plenty of publicity when she was captured getting very flirty with Tip on camera a few weeks back.

In a viral clip captured by backstage by a concertgoer, Epperson reportedly got cozy with T.I. while he was backstage at a show in Indiana. He even smacked her on the booty in the clip before leaning in and kissing her on her neck.

Fans were very upset to view the video, especially after T.I. appeared to be working on his marriage with Tiny after previously cheating on her.

Well since then, rumors were everywhere that Asia'h was TI's side chick. While TI and Tiny never directly addressed the rumor, it now appears that TI is back with his wife Tiny - and he's no longer "friendly" with Asia'h.

Sources close to MTO News report that T.I. is doing everything he can to make his marriage with Tiny Work. According to them, whatever drama they were going through with his’ latest cheating scandal is officially behind them.


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