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Bernice Burgos Addresses Rumors She's "Wild-N-Out" With Nick Cannon After ‘Date Night’ Photos

Do that many people care what Bernice Burgos is up to?


Obviously, she was previously famously and messily linked to T.I.  in 2017 after Tiny filed for divorce after six years of wedded bliss. Then, in April, insiders claimed that T.I. had been fooling around with Bernice behind his wife's back again. Tiny and Bernice often bickered back and forth too. Yikes.

People also believed Bernice was hooking up with Chris Brown at some point too.

And now there are whispers that she is an item with Nick Cannon. How random.

Loving my hair 😍 y’all like it ?

It seems they were spotted together and this sparked up the romance rumor mill.

(Nick Cannon has dated a lot of women since he and Mariah Carey split for good, for the record.)

Paparazzi reportedly spotted Nick and Bernice out together while wearing semi-matching outfits in Malibu, California. And then the mutterings started.

#NickCannon spotted heading out to dinner last night at Nobu in Malibu with #BerniceBurgos (they said they are just friends) 👀📷: Mega

Well, Bernice is addressing these! She wrote, “ya reaching please stop,” and added that “it was all business” and they were accompanied by other people. “This was not a date. We’re cool.”

#TSRClearTheAir: #Roommates, #BerniceBurgos said it was all business y’all! 📷: Mega

In the past, the internet had a theory that Nicole Murphy, the star of Hollywood Exes, was dating the actor.

Nicole went from being a reality star to assuming the new – and more arguably more respectable – role of being a businesswoman. She has even launched her own fitness application.

Oh and Nicole once appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, saying, “No, Nick Cannon and I were only friends. Don’t believe those guys.”

As you may know, Nick and Mariah Carey were married in 2008, before separating six years later, in 2014. They finalizing the divorce in 2016. They have adorable twins. Nick had also a kid with Brittany Bell, one year after their divorce proceedings wrapped up.

So, you do believe Bernice is telling the truth about her relationship (or lack thereof) with Nick? She doesn't seem to have the best track record with coming clean about love entanglements. 

She even once insisted that she hadn't been involved with Tip, calling the whole situation a "misunderstanding." Hm.

#PressPlay #BerniceBurgos speaks on those #TI rumors! 👀

After T.I went running back to Tiny, a source dished on Bernice's mindset, saying, "Bernice is a woman scorned right now, she fell for every one of Tip’s promises. She feels so let down by the way he dropped her and went running back to Tiny. Her heart is broken, and she is humiliated on top of it. But she is going to make T.I. pay.”

"She is going after his friends, she is sending sexy DM’s and flirting with all kinds of guys he knows. She wants to get under his skin, and she knows that will hit him where it hurts, in his ego. She is not going to hide away and avoid seeing him either."

Anyway, last call for thoughts on this possible coupling!

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