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Angela Simmons Splits From Baby-Daddy Sutton Tennyson?: Tea Spilled On Relationship!

Angela Simmons, the daughter of Rev. Run and star of "Growing Up Hip Hop" is set to return to television on the Atlanta version of the show. Angela is currently in the news after it was revealed she may have split from her fiance and baby-daddy, Sutton Tennyson. In fact, some are claiming the couple are having major issues and that he may have gotten physical with the reality star.

There are rumors circulating that Angela and her fiance may have called it quits. There were reports that the couple would tie the knot this summer. However, it appears the wedding may be off!

Simmons isn't often spotted wearing her engagement ring these days and also isn't sharing photos of her fiance anymore, although she's quite active on social media. 

Angela welcomed a son in September of last year, little Sutton Joseph. 

Someone is 7 months today ! And I couldn't be a prouder mama ❤️👶🏽 #MyOnlyAndEverything #MyOtherHalf #MyReason

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Fameolous is reporting that Angela and Sutton have called it quits, suggesting that he has been roughing her up. Some reports allege a photo was posted and quickly deleted that showed Angela with a black eye. 

The site has shared an email that is allegedly from Sutton to Angela, which makes it appear they called it quits late last year. Sutton is shown professing his love for Angela, also calling her out for her trust issues. 

One interesting tidbit is that Angela is aware the email from Sutton was posted on Fameolous and she even 'liked' a comment that stated, "Yogotti would have been a better baby daddy and he's rich." Yikes! That certain doesn't seem like someone in a happy relationship would 'like' on social media. 

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Simmons has tried to make it appear everything in her life is going well. Her most recent photos are of her son's christening. Fans will notice there is no sign of Sutton, Jr.'s father!

I must say the room was filled with so much love !!! Family !! Love you guys #SuttonsBaptism ❤️

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Some fans are curious why Angela cut her baby-daddy out of the photo collage of her son's christening service. Others suggest that is not Tennyson's hand at all, possibly her father Rev. Run's instead. 

#SuttonsBaptism ❤️ 📸: @ted_joseph

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Angela previously had a heart-to-heart with her uncle, Russell Simmons, on "Growing Up Hip Hop". She told her uncle about her fiance's criminal past. 

Angela tells Russell, "There’s stuff floating around that he got in trouble for a domestic violence charge. But he did tell me what happened."

Angela's fiance served time in prison for carrying a concealed gun in 2000. A few years after that, he was back behind bars for credit card forgery, identity theft, drug possession and police obstruction. He was released from prison in 2010.

In addition, an ex-girlfriend of Tennyson's claimed he got into “physical altercations” with her and “accused him of vandalizing her car, sending threatening texts, threatening to kill her and people she knew and showed up at her home out blue.”

The woman ended up taking out a stalking temporary protective order against him in 2006, with a judge granting a 12-month restraining order to stay at least 200 yards from her and her home.

Is Angela's relationship with Sutton over after he became violent? 

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