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Andy Cohen Upsets The Internet After Defending Kim Zolciak Against ‘RHOA’ Co-Stars Despite Her Racist Comments At Reunion Show — Video

Oh, boo hoo.

Kim Zolciak did not come off well on season ten of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, did she? 

She fell out with Frenemy Nene Leakes once again, made negative comments about Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss all season and then was confronted by all four at the reunion show. 

That of course, lead to the Kim’s horrible breakdown in the bathroom – where she made some very racially insensitive comments.

Oh I’m not exaggerating at all… her comments were baddddddd.

"You know why you can’t find another white woman to sit on that [expletive] stage? Because nobody is dumb enough to do that...Put yourself in my shoes. Five African-American women just [expletive] hammering,” she had told host Andy Cohen (as Sheree Whitfield walked into the room).

“NeNe knows I’m not racist…This whole racism thing in this day and age is [BS]. Every one of those [expletive] on that couch owe this world an apology for this racism [ish]. They tried to claim that [ish] a long time ago. Nobody really bought into it because social media wasn’t there, and racism wasn’t all that real.”

Check out the full video below:

#PressPlay: #KimZolciak says "this whole racism thing in this day & age is bs" & "if social media wasn't there racism wasn't all that real" 👀👀 via: @therealhousewivesofatlanta

Well, Andy is now stepping up to defend her. Ugh, no.

He stopped by the “Jenny McCarthy Show” and opened up about his opinion on the matter.

“Atlanta this season, I had a really rough time for the last chunk of that when Kim was on cause it got very…I hate a five against one situation […] yeah, I don’t like it cause it’s a gang up.”

“And the problem is that Kim is not…she…it’s less problematic when the person is good at kind of taking up for themselves. Kim was not having an easy time with her words. She was making it harder for herself. So the whole thing…it just…and in retrospect…no one was listening to me. And I really did not have control of the room. I wish that I had walked off from that reunion.”

Check out the clip below:

@BravoAndy Says He Should've "Walked Off" The Reunion Set & Says Kim Being "Ganged Up" On Was Not Fair! 👀 Thoughts? 💭 | #RHOA Via : The Jenny McCarthy Show

Kim later claimed that her comments had been misconstrued.

"During the last RHOA Reunion episode, I made a comment that confused and offended people," she wrote. "I sincerely apologize. Edited out of context, I understand why my remark angered people."

“My comment that seemingly “racism didn’t exist 10 years ago” was made as part of a larger, emotional 45-minute conversation about how, sadly, social media has become a hub for hate. Immediately following my confusing comment, I also said that ‘it's not as real as it is now’ referring to the power of social media. But those remarks didn’t make the show.”

"Racism is a sad reality in the United States," Kim continued. "It has been prevalent throughout our country's history. Let me be very clear, I do NOT support tolerate or put up with any form of racism, hate or discrimination. My love for ALL people runs deep."

#KimZolciak makes a statement on her comments regarding racism during the last few moments of the #RHOA reunion filming!

Bye, Kim!

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