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Amina Sets The Record Straight About Peter Gunz's Parenting After He Skipped Their Daughter’s B-Day

Well...look who's truly had enough of being a doormat...

The split between Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly was far from drama-free or private

But they have a young daughter together, so that complicates matters a bit.

In honor of Cori’s birthday, Peter decided to make an Instagram tribute to her. “Couldn’t make it to Hamburg Germany to bring in my baby girl @iamcorigunz 4th birthday so I’m sending my love and wishing you a very happy birthday!! I will be waiting for you in LA ..”

Amina wasn't all that charmed by the post and jumped in to respond.

“U ain’t gona [sic] be waiting for nobody in L.A. u ain’t gona be there when we get back like u wasn’t there last month and the month before or the moth [sic] before that, despite saying u will…posting on here but not one call..saying u was gona come to Germany when we knew u wasn’t gona make it was whack, and honestly in the past I’ve gotten disappointed by you lots but this is the very first time in my life I’m disappointed in you as a FATHER. We good. We get it. And we will be fine. My daughters got all they need deuces,” she wrote under his post.

Oop! #AminaBuddafly wasn’t here for #PeterGunz’ birthday post for their daughter #Cori 👀👀 (SWIPE)

Peter hopped on the gram to share a lengthy and emotional response to why he wasn't present for his daughter’s birthday.

The Love & Hip Hop: New York alum claimed he tried to make it to Germany, but plans didn’t work out. He pointed out that  the other four women he has children with – Jazz, Gina, Erika, and Tara – can “point out [him] missing a few birthdays right here in the states.”

"Yesterday I called Amina to say happy birthday to my daughter and she wouldn't answer so I told her to let the girls call me," he wrote. "I just assumed she was mad. No way I would expect her to call me for my daughters birthday but I see a few people read that the wrong way."

Read his full post, below:

#TSRClearTheAir: #PeterGunz shares his side of the situation with #Amina and their daughter 👀 (view earlier posts)
She got the last word on this, writing a note to her Instagram story explaining why she put peter on blast. 

Amina wrote: "I'm not mad Peter missed his daughter’s birthday, I understand how his life is and the details behind him not coming." 

She continued with "We wish he was a bigger part in their lives but we don't need him. I just don't like someone continuously making promises they don't keep."

See it full, below:

#TSRClearTheAir: #AminaBuddafly 👀 (view earlier post)

Hopefully the two can pull it together for the sake of both their babies sooner than later though. 

My baby @iamcorigunz is 4 today☺️💕and i gave her an amazing party with family and friends in #hamburg Germany, she had a blast, I feel accomplished and happy 💘 #happybirthday to my big girl! #coriscinderellaparty . . . Song: “since you’ve been gone” available on my EP “I AM part 2” produced by @theallenboyhwt #itunes #applemusic #googleplay #spotify #pandora #tidal #indieartist

@iamcorigunz 4th birthday was so much fun yesterday!!!!! Last year LA, this year Germany, maybe NY next year so we can be with ALL family 🤔☺️💘 #coriscinderellaparty was definitely one to remember 💎

Back in January, she opened up about her decision to finally leave her husband.

"It’s pretty simple: Peter and I have been separated living separate lives for two years now, that is a long time and a lot can happen in 2 years. It took a while, but I got over him in that time by focusing on me and my children. I’ve accepted the situation for what it was two years ago when I left town."

"It finally doesn’t hurt anymore, so with a new year I felt that this was a good time for me to take action, since he wouldn’t. I just don’t want to be married to someone I’m not with anymore."

She had also shared a post on Instagram; "It took me two years to get over the man I loved, I still love him but in a different way...from a distance...some say too late, I say better late than never. "Love takes time" @MariahCarey voice that's just how it is..."

"We got married on the shakiest grounds ever," he previously told BOSSIP. "When the wedding was over, she went home and I was living with someone... The way we got married, how did we expect for something like that to last?"

"Amina is dope," he then explained. "She's a dream person in your life. It's just not meant for us to be married. I admire the mother she is to my kids and the loyalty she has for me. She deserves better, but like I said, we got married on shaky ground."

Fingers crossed that this pair can figure out how to keep in cordial in the near future.

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