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Tamar Braxton Is Getting Dragged By The Internet After Trying To Team Up With Khia To Diss Toya Wright During Xscape Concert


You need a better team. And better friends. Or something.

On a somewhat relevant note, there were mutterings that Tamar and Khia were going to link up and go in on Toya Wright during the Xsape tour. Khia and her co-host Ts Madison seem to have partied it up at Xscape’s New Year’s Eve concert. 

Didn’t end all that well though, as Ts Madison wrote on Instagram, "Well it was about to be an EPIC NIGHT being apart of my girl @tamarbraxton show tonite!! But seems like #TheQueensCourt gets under them other [expletive] skin."

"#TheQueensCourt was a guest of Tamar’s show tonite… The XSCAPE [expletive] told security we had weapons in an attempt to get us kicked out… Vince stepped in… We got dressed and were waiting to go on with Tamar… I’m assuming the xscspe [sic] girls wanted us gone and we didn’t leave so they continued to press down on Tamar so she could not do the performance with us."

"Vince asked us if we wanted to stay and watch the show and We said No… we not here for them [expletive] we here for Tamar and left in our limousine that was taken care by Tamar and Vince." 


Insiders have dished that Xscape member Kandi Burruss shut down the whole little plot, out of loyalty to Toya (who was also at the show since Tamar is the opening act for Xscape.)  

Bet Tiny Harris wouldn’t have let this actually unfold either. Right?

Toya has since thanked Kandi for being “a good friend” on Instagram. 

Kandi soon reciprocated the love.

Did you all know that Khia hates Toya Wright? Because you really should. This topic comes up often. She doesn’t really get along with Trina either, come to think of it and has swirled her dislike into some interesting insults and claims about both women.

Once upon a time, Tamar and Toya were friends. They had a falling out though and it’s been a bit odd since.

Toya previously addressed this situation during a spot on "Sister Circle", saying, "I would like to say that I wish Tamar Braxton the best. I have nothing negative to say about her. I think she is an amazing singer and very talented. I wish her much success."

"And as far as Black women in the entertainment industry who have those conflicts, I just feel like they we use social media platforms to kind of air out a lot of cattiness and pettiness. And I myself...I’m a victim of it as well. But we have to do better."

#ToyaWright clears things up on #TamarBraxton @toyawright @tvonetv #sistercircletv

Tamar Braxton is currently getting dragged on her Instagram account about her foiled plot as the Internet collectively believes it was super messy for her to want Khia and TS Madison on stage with her to expose Toya. 

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