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Amber Rose Shares How Many Bedroom Partners She’s Had To Make An Important Point

Amber Rose is sticking to her guns on the topic of slut shaming. 

The Model/TV personality wants the world to know that she’s against the double standards society imposed on women and their ability to freely be with as many men as possible.  

Let's be honest, whether a woman is a virgin or been with 20+ men, there will always be rumors flying around about who’s been in her bed.

The 34-year-old has gone above and beyond as an activist to get people to think more positively about intercourse instead of bringing somebody down for the number of partners they've had in their lives.

Taking to the gram, Wiz Khalifa’s ex-wife shared a colorful text image which read, "Stop valuing women based on their sexual history."

In the caption underneath, the model (jokingly) shared the deets on her own bedroom history in an effort to prove that it simply does not matter.

"Like Damn! I've only been with 4 people sexually in my whole life!!!! Wait..... 7! No 12! Hold on. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 [expletive] I lost count," she wrote. "Anywaaaaay Somewhere between 4 and 100,092,837. The bottom line is it doesn't matter."

Continuing her message, Amber added, "If you're NOT a virgin you're somebody's sloppy seconds and if you are a virgin it's not gonna change the fact that someone will make up a rumor about you doing something sexual with someone and slut shame you for it."

See her full caption below:

Adult film star Kiara Mia, who was recently in the news for dating Jimmy Garoppolo of the 49ers, offered her "amen" in the form of an Instagram comment, adding, "Damn! I couldn't have said this any more perfect! You need to make a video saying this."

Rose announced the date of her next SlutWalk rally recently, which will be October 6th in Los Angeles. 

In its 4th year of existence, the SlutWalk holds many activities, including: "live DJs, sign making, educational booths, photo fun, free breast cancer exams, and HIV testing." The purpose of the event is to protest against people (unfairly) judging women by how they dress and act. 

This year’s announcement, pictured with a topless Amber Rose in boxing gear, reads:

“SLUTWALK 2018: October 6th, 2018? The wait is over! Join me for the 4th annual SlutWalk at Pershing Square in DTLA and get your applications in to reserve your spot as an intern, Vendor or Sponsor by heading to the “Get Involved” section of // I can’t wait to see all of my Rosebuds? #arsw18”

Amber once spoke with Time's Motto, revealing she had started the SlutWalk to create a "safe place for women to come, twerk, go topless or wear pasties, get to know each other as women and understand we're free beings."

"We all have skeletons in our closets, and we're all allowed to do whatever a man does because he doesn't get judged for it," she continued.

"The number one misconception was people assuming that it was a walk to promote prostitution or promiscuity, which is really stupid. That’s the total opposite of what it was."

Will you be attending Amber Rose’s SlutWalk in October?

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