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Amber Rose Insists She's Not Dating NBA Baller Kyrie Irving For A Very Good Reason — Receipts Inside

Amber Rose is addressing new reports that that she is dating NBA Superstar Kyrie Irving.

The whispers started when she was spotted attempting to hide from cameras in Los Angeles; she was also seen yelling at paparazzi from inside her car, because she didn’t want anyone to know who she was picking up.

However, a video clip made the rounds. In it, a man appears with his hoodie tied tightly over his face to hide his identity. He then jumped into the Rolls Royce Rose Amber was in and the vehicle peeled off.

Because of this, many thought she might be hooking up with Kyrie, since the Boston Celtics pointguard is currently in L.A. doing promo for his upcoming movie, “Uncle Drew.”

Guess not though.

The model/businesswoman posted multiple statements on her Instagram Story to clear up the claims.

“I’m not dating anyone or ‘talking’ to anyone.”

Why? She is preoccupied with being a mother to her son and doing everything she can to provide for him.

“I’m just focused on raising my son and working.”

That wasn’t all though.

“And please stop associating me with Men that I don’t even know. It’s really [expletive] annoying.”

We’ll bet.

“Looking for love and dating is the last thing on my mind right now. I’m still recovering from my previous relationship please let me do so in peace.”

See her rant in full, below:

Yup, her break-up with 21 Savage was pretty rough. When they called it quits, she posted a note to him online, writing, "I Love this man so much. I know the Internet portrays me to be some heartless person or they feel like I’m incapable of love but I love him so hard. He is not only one of the most talented people I have ever met but he is so real, humble and smart as hell."

But…some believe he kicked her to the curb for cheating on him. The rapper himself seems to have hinted at this, as he shared a snap of himself after Amber’s letter started floating around; he captioned it, "You cross me once it’s [expletive] you for life." 

She denied this though. "Just because you see me in a picture with someone doesn't mean I'm [expletive] them. Half of the time I can't even be in the vicinity of another guy. Even if I don't know him! Without the Internet putting us together."

"I have never cheated on any of my exes. Literally never! I'm loyal, honest and trustworthy. Sometimes things just don't work out," she wrote.

On Monday, Amber Rose launched a signature vaporizer pen collection with KandyPens. With a price tag of $148, each vape is handmade and features a champagne/gold and champagne/white finish, temperature control features, and comes in a signature leather case.

So, are you sad that Kyrie and Amber are not happening? 

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