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‘LHH’ Star Alexis Skyy Reads Masika Kalysha For Filth After Making A Comment About Her Preemie Daughter + Masika Claps Back

Why can’t Fetty’s clan of baby mamas just hold it together? Or at least bicker privately, like normal people?


To say that Masika and Alexis have it out for each other is an understatement. And it gets pretty nasty at times.

Last week, Alexis threw out a low-blow in the form of a video clip.

Alexis and Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood buddy Zell had popped onto Instagram Live to rip into Masika. 

Alexis mentioned allegedly seeing Masika popping Xanax at the reunion special for their last season of the Hollywood spin-off and Zell joked about calling child protective services on Masika, before claiming that Masika is an alcoholic.

Masika soon shot back, unsurprisingly. 

On Twitter, she replied with "I don’t argue with dead beat moms about topics they would never understand like PARENTING" amongst other tweets (see below).

And now there is a fresh batch of drama for us to discuss.

A fan asked Masika if she and her nemesis would ever bury the hatchet and allow their kids, who are technically half-siblings, to have a play date. 


"Honey imma keep ignoring ahonda like she ignores that child," she tweeted. "Be blessed don't come on my page with that mess sweets."

After The Shade Room posted her response to Instagram, Alexis clapped back by attacking Masika's body…among other things.

"Look at Mathicko the hungry hippo, I wish the food going in your mouth taste as bitter as my name come out of your mouth," she wrote. "I'll take a page from your mommy mistakes book, & keep the medicine cabinet locked... Not trying to raise no addict gurllllllll".

Take a look at them arguing like middle school girs below:

Um. Wow.

Oh and Masika had to clapback at that...

"I’m sorry I’m too busy actually nurturing my child to pay attention to adeadbeats insecurity rant about her obsession w/ my perfect body. My child never touched any pill abumwomb urs was born bc u were at a party full of pills 🤔 let me quote u “shouldn’t u be changing a diaper”

Stick around, because there’s a solid chance that there will be more insult flinging between these two in the very near future. History repeats itselfy and all that.

Long ago, someone else pondered that same question. 

“First of all, there’s about 35 people that need to be DNA tested, once that process is done, then come back and holla at me.”

Also, Alexis might be busy with a new man.

Looks like #AlexisSkyy has a new boo!

Do you think these two went too far with with their comments about each other?

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