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Alexis Skyy Addresses The Internet After Fetty Wap Questions If He's The Father Of Her Baby

Is Fetty Wap the Father of Alexis Skyy’s Daughter?

Alexis Skyy is opening up about the delivery of her baby with Fetty Wap earlier this year. And the details are intense.

She wasn’t able to bring her bundle of joy home until relatively recently, actually, as the little one was born very, very early.

Anyway, in a new interview with TV One's The Sister's Circle, the ex- Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star describes the emotional and physical turmoil of having her daughter Alaiya Grace prematurely.

“It was very traumatic for me. I had seven blood transfusions. I was in surgery for seven hours. I had an emergency c-section because I erupted. She was born at one pound,” she explained. 

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Alexis wasn't the only one who was put through the wringer physically. The model/ reality star recalled the heartbreak of seeing her baby girl fight. 

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While she was unhappy about all the criticism about her club appearances and photoshoots while Alaiya was still in the hospital, she claims she has learned to develop thick skin. Probably a good call, because people have been ripping into her over her parenting choices for quite some time.

(In fact, some even gave her grief for daring to share a snap of herself post-delivery. “The past couple days has been a roller coaster of emotions,” Alexis had written. “I just want to give a Special thanks to my doctor for making me more comfortable providing me a room at the hospital to be closer to my daughter .. 💗.”

“Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper/And every tongue which rises against you in judgment/You shall condemn.”)

Alexis also devoted an Instagram post to folks who have been questioning whether Fetty is really her daughter's father. Kind of. 

She wants people to mind their business and that Alaiya is being taken care of well.

She also confirmed via Instagram Live that Fetty has not taken a DNA test and that until this happens, "I am her mother and her father."

Fetty went actually went LIVE on Instagram a day before Alaiya was delivered, explaining, “My baby good, everything good”. The rapper then communicated to a nurse (presumably), explaining that Alexis was sleeping and that she had received a steroid shot in her leg. 

“Everything Good… Alaiya.M,” he had captioned this. But he has yet to post photos or respond to the controversy since then.

#PressPlay: #TSRUpdatez--#FettyWap has been by #AlexisSky's side since she was admitted to the hospital due to pregnancy complications. #Fetty took to #IGLive to let everyone know that both #Alexis & the baby are fighters & are doing just fine!! 🙏🏾 #Alexis also made sure to start following #Fetty on the 'Gram again!

UPDATE: As this story was being written, the 27-year-old "Trap Queen" rapper posted on his alleged personal Facebook page that he only has five children, excluding Alaiya.

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So, what are your thoughts?

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