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‘LHH’ Star Alexis Skyy Shares Some News About Her Preemie Daughter (With Fetty Wap) That's Still In NICU — Photos

"Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star, Alexis Skyy, finally gets to be a hands-on mom after her premature daughter, Alaiya, was finally healthy enough to come home from the hospital.

Alexis celebrated her daughter's homecoming with a small gathering.

Alaiya weighed just one pound when she was born at 24 weeks, after the reality star's water broke several months too early and she had to undergo a C-section. . 

Her tiny daughter with rapper Fetty Wap had to spend months in the neonatal intensive care unit due to her premature arrival.

Skyy has been keeping her Instagram followers updated with photos and videos of her baby girl, even sharing the moment she received instructions from the nurse in preparation of taking baby Alaiya home.

Good NEWS RONI’s!!! Baby Lay Lay is strong enough to come home tomorrow!! ☺️🙌🏾💕The hospital is gonna have #AlexisSky stay overnight with the baby for the next 24hrs to make sure she knows what to do....☝🏾😉 All the pettiness aside, I’m really happy to know this little angel has gotten so strong and healthy🙏🏾😇 #TeaTENDERS

Alexis was thrilled to finally have her daughter discharged from the hospital, writing that it the "best day in her life."
Awww glad to see #AlexisSkyy’s baby girl is finally home!

Alexis has been bashed the past couple of months by people accusing her of neglecting her child. Many fans believed Skyy should be in the NICU by her daughter's side, instead of doing appearances at strip clubs. 

The "Love & Hip Hop" star responded to her critics, telling them that is how she makes her money and she will continue working to provide for her child until she's "super rich." 

Alexis continued, "My priorities have changed. She’s changed me in so many different ways, but I don’t have to allow y’all to see that. And that’s just what it is. I know I’m a good [expletive] mom." 

Skyy adds, "I haven’t even experienced being a mom yet because I don’t have her with me, but I make sure I see my daughter every day. If I go out of town, I make sure I see her before I leave. My mom works at the hospital…you guys forget that she works there. But then I go back and see her."

#PressPlay: #AlexisSkyy is unbothered by anyone who's hating on her doing appearances at the strip club 👀 (View yesterday's post)

Alexis has a chance to prove her haters wrong now that baby Alaiya is finally home!

She looks a little like wap 😍😍 #Alaiyagracemaxwell #Alexisskyy #Lhhhollywood #lhhh #fettywap
The reality star celebrated Alaiya's release from the hospital with friends and family. Photos were shared online of the pink party that is fit for a princess. 

Alexis' guests were treated to all sorts of treats, as well as a beautiful tiered cake topped with a tiara. 

Awww #AlexisSkyy had a party for her baby girl #Alaiya earlier today ❤️ (SWIPE)

One person noticeably absent form the 'welcome home' bash was Alaiya’s father, Fetty Wap. The  rapper was present at his daughter's birth, but appears to be out of the picture these day.

Skyy doesn't appear to be on the best of terms with her baby-daddy, blasting him on social media. 

She slammed Fetty and told him he needs to pay up to help take care of their daughter. 

Alexis told Fetty to stay away from her and Alaiya, telling him she will see him in court. 

She also reached out to another woman that Fetty is apparently hooking up with, writing, "Can you wake my baby daddy up and tell him I said he has a few hours? If not tell him I’ll see his [expletive] in court & I hope you use a condom, sweets."

@prettylittlething 💗

Alexis appears to be loving motherhood, despite her failed relationship with Fetty. 

The Instagram model took to Twitter to thank her fans for their love and support.

Congratulations to her. We wonder if papa Fetty Wap has gotten the great news?

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