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Laura Govan Reacts To Tamar Braxton Blasting Her Amid Vincent Herbert's Pregnant Mistress Scandal + More Tea Spilled on ‘The Queens Court’

The tea has runneth over and we're drowning in it. 

Laura Govan recently found herself embroiled in some messy drama, after Tamar Braxton accused her of sleeping with her husband and falling pregnant. Laura denied the accusations and is now considering filing a lawsuit over the ordeal.

Two months ago, Braxton hopped on Instagram to put her estranged husband on blast. The singer claimed Vincent Herbert cheated on her and told fans her husband had knocked up his side chick.

Braxton mentioned Laura's name, causing many to speculate that Laura was the other woman.

Tamar revealed that Laura’s ex Gilbert Arenas was the one that gave her in the information.

Laura denied the accusations, stating she is in a relationship with someone else. She said she had never slept with Herbert and definitely wasn't pregnant with his child. 

#LauraGovan’s new young stud got a little touchy-feely as the couple headed into Corner Bakery for lunch in #Calabasas, CA.Laura is fresh off a recent SCANDAL – where she’s accused of sleeping with #TamarBraxton’s husband. Laura insists that she is not involved with #VinceHebert, and that she ‘has a new man.’
Govan said in a statement, "The allegations from Gilbert Arenas are completely false and couldn't be further from the truth. I empathize with Tamar and I wish her healing. I have no issues towards Tamar or Vince, because I know who actually started all of this. I just pray that they leave me out of this, because I have really tried to stay to myself this entire year and moving forward."

HU Staff: Kecia Gayle @Kecia.Kae Well, it’s been some day. #TamarBraxton decided to let the cat out of the bag and expose her estranged husband #VincentHerbert for impregnating another woman. And what makes things even more shocking is the woman who was mentioned as the possible baby mother to the producer: #LauraGovan. _____________________________________________________________________ While things are not exactly clear on who’s the actual baby moms, Laura is making it known that she is not the one and is actually blaming her ex #GilbertArenas for all of this. ____________________________________________________________________ The reality star spoke with TMZ and shared she's not a homewrecker or the "whore" who allegedly got pregnant by Tamar's ex. She goes on and tells the gossip site that she never been with Vince, nor is she pregnant and she's actually in a happy relationship with someone else. ____________________________________________________________________ More on in bio)

Braxton made the comments about her estranged husband two months after she filed for divorce to end their nine-year marriage.

What do you guys expect/hope from Tamar this year? Do y’all think this will be her final album/Tour ? New album? What do you guys expect/hope from Your OWN lives this year? Lmk your thoughts🤔👇🏾

She had also said the woman, who she did not name, "should check public records on Christmas" and that Herbert "called back" despite a "protection order," "begging and lying."

Govan is now considering legal action over the false claims. She confirmed in a recent interview that she was considering filing a lawsuit.

Laura said, "I got eaten alive for something I didn’t even know what the [expletive] was going on.

👀. . . #tamarbraxton #lauragovan #vinceherbert #StarMoneyTv

It's also interesting to note that TS Madison of "The Queens Court" podcast recently revealed that Laura was going to be the target of their nixed appearance at the Xscape show.

Khia and Madison were planning to join Tamar on stage during an Atlanta show, but their scheme was shut down by Kandi Burruss. 

Madison revealed that she and Khia only crashed the Xscape tour to go after Laura Govan, not Toya Wright.

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