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Career Side Chick Of Married NFL Baller Adrian Peterson Exposes His Cheating Ways And Shares DM'S & Texts — Receipts Inside

In the words of DallasBlack.com editor Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker… “You Gots To Be More Careful”. 

Adrian Peterson was just exposed by his alleged side chick, Heart Malone, who claims the football star has been hooking up with her during his four-year marriage to Ashley Brown.

Malone put Peterson on blast online, stating that she met him three days after he began dating Ashley. She adds that they celebrate their birthdays, which are a day apart, together.

Heart Malone posted these incriminating screenshots of Peterson thirsting in her DMs, offering to, “slide between those thick thighs.”

Malone shared the direct messages between them, including one where Peterson was wanting to meet up while his wife was at the store.

Peterson allegedly wrote, "Okay just waiting for Ashley to get back from the store right up the street. Or you can come straight to me like last time. Park in the back? Lmk."

Heart responded by asking, "What if she come back?? I can't do no more fighting right now." [sic]

He replied, "She'll never come to the back it's too dang cold. I wouldn't suggest if I felt it was high risk."

In another round of messages, Adrian tells his mistress to pick him up and get a hotel room so he can "slide between those thick thighs."

See the DMs below: 

Heart is also reported the same woman who exposed boxer Adrien Broner.

(Link in the bio) Check it out. Adrian Peterson's Side Chick Exposed their relationship....even more exposed in the link. #NFL #Football #Vikings #Cardinals #AdrianPeterson @gossipinthecity @theshaderoom @balleralert @hollywoodunlocked @celebri_teanews

Adrian's rumored mistress shared additional screenshots of their messages, where she appeared to be hitting him up for cash to fix her car.

Malone later shared that she was arguing with Peterson, but stated she wasn't taking her revealing posts down. She claimed Adrian had blocked her, but advised him to realize she isn't a "[expletive] secret."

Heart went on to claim that Adrian's wife, Ashley, knew about her because she found money transfers to his mistress.

Happy Easter 🐰🐣 From the Peterson's

Heart appears to have deleted her Instagram account after exposing her affair with Peterson. 

Her last Instagram post read, "I could never feel sad about losing a [expletive]. With the real love and friends I have-I BEEN rich."
When your new job allows you to flirt with your hubby..... #forthewin #hesfine #correspondent #host #talkthattalk #radio #tv #fitzsoftball
Peterson has remained quiet on his alleged sidechick's claims. Many believe it's because he's guilty and is trying to sign a deal with the NFL currently.

However, Adrian may have addressed Heart's claims with his recent post on Twitter. 

He wrote, "Imagine of we spent as much time thinking about the positive in our life as we did thinking about the negative 💡. Have a great day world Monday is ours! #TeamAllDay."

After being injured for much of the 2017 season, the free agent running back is hoping for a new team to play for the upcoming 2018 NFL campaign. 

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