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Former NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder

Former NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder

Former New England Patriots star tightAaron Hernandez was found guilty of the first-degree murder of Odin Lloyd on Wednesday morning.

The guilty verdict carries an automatic sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. Hernandez was found guilty of all six counts, headlined by first-degree murder and then carrying a firearm without a license, two counts of carrying a large-capacity firearm, possession of ammunition without an FID card and possession of a firearm without a FID card. The state of Massachusetts evokes an automatic appeal for a capital crime.

Hernandez looked expressionless and stoic, as the verdict was read on this, the seventh day of jury deliberation. According to ESPN, Hernandez mouthed the words "be strong" to his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins. Jenkins, as well as Hernandez's mother, broke down in tears. Lloyd's grieving mother, Ursula Ward, cried just a few feet away. No jurors made eye contact with Hernandez, according to ESPN. 

"I felt like I wanted to go into the hole with my son Odin," Ward said following the guilty verdict about burying her son. "I will never have a grandchild from my son. I will never get to dance at his wedding. I will never get to hear my son say 'Mommy Dukes. Ma go to bed. I love you, ma.' I miss my baby boy Odin so much, but I know that I'm going to see him again and that's giving me strength to go on.

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