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Trey Songz's Alleged Assault Victim Granted Restraining Order Against The Singer + Full Details On What Allegedly Went Down

The woman accusing Trey Songz of assaulting her has received the restraining order she was after.

Her attorney, Lisa Bloom, shared the news on social media; tweeting, "we obtained the restraining order against Trey Songz this morning. There’s no excuse for violence against women. It must stop. It stops when [we] stand with victims."

Bloom previously posted, "We are in court this morning for a restraining order to protect my client’s rights to peacefully live and work without the threat of violence. There’s no excuse for violence against women. And curiously, I don’t see a denial from his lawyer."

The lawyer also insists, "He called her names, choked her and repeatedly punched her in the face. Several people were present and no one helped her. When she took out her phone to call an Uber to get out of there, he threw her phone off a cliff to prevent her from leaving. She took out a second phone and he threw that off the cliff as well."

Bloom stated in legal documents that Songz choked her client (before he punched her in the face several times) after she spoke with another man. He then supposedly continued striking her, until security pulled him off her. This all seems to have taken place at a Hollywood party.

The woman also shared that she was trying to get away and called an Uber, but the crooner grabbed her cell phone and threw it away from them, before also doing this to a second phone of hers.

She filed a police report and went to the hospital immediately after the incident. Officers are reportedly still investigating.

The alleged victim claims she works in the nightclub industry. Trey frequents some of her clubs, which is what led to her filing for the restraining order in the first place; she is afraid of him.

Songz's lawyer, Shawn Holley, stated, "Trey has not spoken with Ms. Buera nor has he attempted to speak with her since the night of the gathering."

Trey doesn't have a great track record, legally-speaking. 

Back in December 2016, he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and assaulting a police officer causing injury, after a performance in Detroit; the singer is alleged to have “began throwing objects after the venue cut his concert short due to an 11:30 pm curfew” and to have “struck an officer with his fist”. 

He pleaded guilty on August 18, 2017 and was sentenced to 18 months of probation; he was required to complete anger management classes and pay restitution for the incident.

There are other examples in the mix too.

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