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50 Cent Throws Another Petty Party For Wendy Williams And Drags Her For Vacation Hot Tub Picture

Another day, another bizarre celebrity bickering-fest.

Wendy Williams was just at the butt of a joke, made by 50 Cent… but then again, what else is new?

She recently shared a super risqué picture on Instagram, in which she is lounging nude in a gorgeous swimming pool. She has her signature pink lipstick on, huge sunglasses, and lots of expensive jewelry.

While Wendy Williams did not say where she is spending the holidays, She captioned this snap, “Buenas Tardes!”

Buenas Tardes!

50 soon chimed in. He reposted it on his official account, commenting, “Good morning, I know everyone is relaxing for the holidays. I just want to let everyone know you guys are welcome to come to my party. LOL.”

Good morning, I know everyone is relaxing for the holidays. I just want to let everyone know you guys are welcome to come to my party. LOL

A fan wrote to 50, quipping, saying: “Knew 50 Cent was gonna post dis ish... Dude it’s Holiday let her enjoy her Hol in peace lol. She needs some weight on, that’s why her husband with his mistress…..lmao.”

That’s…unnecessary? But we guess Wendy dishes it out too, so…?

Nothing new though.

Back in October, he ranted against her.

Okay, so she may have started it by commenting on the rapper’s odd relationship with his estranged son. She said, “He is Petty Spaghetti. He's got real petty ways about him. I don't really understand it because he's got enough money to take care and support and whatnot."

"I do not care that you didn’t grow up with a father … And that your mom whatever happened when you were 8 and you were shot 9 times. You are 42. You have got a 21-year-old son. Get a life."
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He popped onto Instagram to share his thoughts, writing, “"Wendy Williams just told me to get my life together smh”.

"Your husband is not a bad man. he deserve a side chick for talking to you, you ugly [expletive]. Focus on your own [expletive] [expletive]. Oh yeah we in club LUST tonight your invited.LOL #50centralbet."

Just in case it wasn’t clear, he was referencing her husband’s allegedly wandering ways.
Even after passing out from stress, #WendyWilliams' husband, #KevinHunter is still embarrassing her and cheating on her with his mistress, Sharina. 🍵🍵🍵 🎐 Kevin dropped Wendy off then drove the same #red Bentley to pick us his side bae. She also has a phat rock on her ring finger. 💍 Kevin apparently spends all day with her, then goes home to Wendy every night. 👀 [more details on site] #celebrity #celebritygossip #celebritynews #kissydenise💋
"Yeah [expletive], you [expletive] around in the wrong section. Every time you call me, I'm a show up. #50centralbet."

Many have wondered about Wendy’s health status in recent months, perhaps fueled by the fact that the talk show hostess even fainted on-air at one point.
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She says she is fine though, for the record.

“They are so jealous!” she told Extra’s AJ Calloway “Excuse me, do I look too skinny? I weigh 145 pounds. I am sleek, lean, and living my life.”

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