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50 Cent Savagely Reacts To Baby Mama's Planned Reality Show & Explains Why He Won't Let It Happen


50 Cent caught wind of his oldest son’s mom’s plans to have a reality show. And he’s not having it.

Reportedly, Shaniqua Tompkins, mom of 20-year-old Marquise Jackson and Nas‘ daughter’s mother, Carmen Bryan, were gearing up to launch a new on-camera endeavor together

“Shaniqua Tompkins and I are working on a reality show, and I’m not allowed to share the title yet, but it will be filmed in New York and Los Angeles,” Carmen explained to Mara The Hip-Hop Socialite in a recent interview.

"There will be no wig snatching and wine throwing — we're trying to put a spin on Black excellence showing women in an organic environment that can come together, inspire one another, work on their brands and their businesses, and if there is any tension or disagreements, it's organic, it's resolved, and we move on to the next aspect of the program." 

“Just basically showing our lives, our children, our family, and again, trying to create a new spin on reality television. Showing black women in a better light,” she concluded.

Hold your horses, excited prospective viewers, because 50 shared a series of snaps on his Instagram page, indicating he was able to put a halt on this project.

“Swipe left l was just telling my man @arimelber about the madness that goes on, when we pray for success, we don’t pray for jealousy, envy or entitlement but they come with it,” 50 said of a conversation with lawyer/MSNBC host Ari Melber. “Ari l have to say this in a way she can understand me. 🤨look [expletive]- go get a f[expletive]ing job, l own your life rights reality Tv is a no go. l don’t know what to tell you, oh go shake your new fake [butt] over at club Angels 😒”

Clearly, 50 Cent is not pleased with the prospect of having his dirty laundry aired. 

Some supporters were thrilled. One wrote, “Shop closed…🤣😂😅👂🏾👀”.

“😂😂😂 [expletive]!!! POWER at its BEST! She tried it tho 😭😭😭🤦🏽♀️… 50 stopped da bag! Child support ran out! [expletive] got real!,” a fellow fan commented.

“These b[expletive]es man I tell ya smh 🤦🏾♂️ just dum af,” a different follower shared, while another penned, “😭😭😭😭i couldnt agree more desperate times call for desperate measures… should’ve managed your [expletive] better #Team50 💪🏾.”

However, Shaniqua isn’t completely put off this plot, maybe? Yikes.

She has since dished to TMZ, saying that she's not at all concerned about 50’s move. According to her, he is powerless and is just being super salty because she has ZERO interest in him.

However, Fif’s rep has declared, "Mr. Jackson intends to fully enforce his contractual rights as he has done in the past regarding Ms. Tompkins."

Let’s see how this shakes out, shall we?

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