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50 Cent Just Savagely Roasted Ashanti Over Her Embarrassing Concert Situation — Receipts Inside


Ashanti was set to hit the stage at Stony Brook University, but the school canceled the concert after only selling 24 tickets. 

Yes, you read that right.

A few in-the-know folks jumped in to note that the event wasn’t promoted properly and that the student body isn’t exactly Ashanti’s demographic. 

“Concert wasn’t even open to the public. College students only. I was also told the college mostly consist of white and Asian students so this really isn’t her demographic. I’ve seen Ashanti twice and both times they were sold out shows,” they tweeted.

“I go to the school. It was only for students, and one ticket a person. What you were told about the demographic is also correct, there is also a large number of international students at the school. It was also announced with very little notice and a weird ticket buying system,” another shared.

Ashanti was scheduled to perform, while Justine Skye and Stony Brook University's "The Voice" contestant Kelsea Johnson were set to open.

Well, Teyana Taylor was originally booked as the headliner, but she had to pull out due to "unforeseen circumstances" two weeks prior to the show. The production team then scrambled to get a new replacement, soon landing on Ashanti. 

However, the college kids weren't grabbing tickets.

The school issued a statement revealing the exact details, explaining why it was cheaper to just cancel, rather than trying to promote and put on the performance. 

"As an organization, we do our best to host programs for students while providing diversity and inclusion," they said. "However, we have struggled to execute certain aspects. With a week before the concert, only 24 tickets are sold to students."

Peep their full statement below:

Well, guess who decided to chime in on all this? 50 Cent.

Typical. Haha.

“Ashanti show canceled after only 24 tickets sold,” wrote 50. “Wait a minute, l thought l told everybody not to [expletive] with this fool. (You know, because he hates Ja Rule and all that…) l want the names and socials of everybody who bought a ticket.”

"Do Basement parties then it can still feel like it’s lit," Fiddy wrote in a separate post regarding the show's cancellation. “🔥🤷🏽♂️l don’t know what to say. 🤭LOL 🤨get the strap #bellator #lecheminduroi”.

At this point, 50 has been beefing with Ja Rule and Irv Gotti for over 15 years and his words to Ashanti, who’s also down with the crew, is just his latest shot.

So, do you think that Ashanti deserves to be clowned like this? Or is Fif just being his regular ol’ petty self, stirring up nonsense for attention?

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