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Unarmed Black Father Of 2 Fatally Shot 20 Times By Police After Mistaking His Cellphone For A Gun — VIDEO

You’re going to want to take a deep breath. Yeah, it’s that kind of story.

A 22-year-old Black man was gunned down by police in his backyard on Sunday night, after Sacramento police mistook his cell phone for a weapon.


Stephon Clark has been identified as the victim in a shooting that took place, after officers were called to investigate a series of shattered car windows around 9:18 PM. Clark, who is a father of two, was killed at the home he shared with his grandparents and siblings, The Sacramento Bee reported.

It seems that officers were looking for a 6-foot-1 Black man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants, hiding in a nearby backyard. Police believed a suspect broke a neighbor’s sliding glass window with a “toolbar.”

As the Sacramento County Sherriff’s Department surveyed Clark’s neighborhood with a helicopter, they spotted Clark in his backyard and deployed a police unit to his location around 9:25 PM.

When officers approached they alleged that Clark ran, before turning around and holding out an object in front of him. At 9:26 PM, police fired several shots, “fearing for their safety.” Clark was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police originally stated that excessive force was used because they believed Clark was armed with a toolbar, but later discovered it was a cell phone. No firearm was recovered at the scene. Police are naming Clark as the suspect who vandalized the cars and the sliding glass window.

Authorities maintain they recovered two items near the broken sliding glass window: a cinder block and a piece of aluminum, similar to what might be used for a gutter.

Clark’s grandmother, Sequita Thompson, said she was inside the home when the commotion started.

“The only thing that I heard was pow, pow, pow, pow, and I got to the ground.” she noted.

She also alleges that she nor her husband heard officers’ commands before shots were fired. She reportedly instructed her seven-year-old granddaughter, who was sleeping on a nearby couch, to duck for safety.


She told the outlet that police interviewed for hours before they informed her of her grandson’s death.

“I opened that curtain and he was dead,” she shared. “I started screaming.”

The two unnamed officers involved in the shooting were wearing body cameras; the police department will release the footage within 30 days, along with audio and footage from the helicopter in accordance with city policy. 

[UPDATE: Footage Has Been Released.]

According to the Bee, the officers have been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation.

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