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Report: Steve Harvey Accused Of Harassment & More In New $5 Million Lawsuit

Another file to toss onto the Steve Harvey lawsuit pile. (It’s already pretty hefty…)

And this one doesn’t involve his ex-wife, Mary Vaughn. Well, directly, that is.

Bossip is reporting that, according to court papers Essie Berry—who used to rep Mary!—filed a $5 million civil suit against the “Family Feud” host Thursday for stalking, harassment, civil rights violations, witness tampering and intimidation, on Thursday.

Berry, who just so happens to be the widow of “What’s Happening” sitcom star Fred “Re Run” Berry, claims that Harvey had it out to get her ever since she asked his ex-wife, Mary Vaughn, to be part of a reality show she’d been pitched, “Widows, Wives and Ex-Celebrity Wives.” 

That said, Berry stresses she didn’t know that Vaughn signed a nondisclosure agreement as part of her divorce that practically banned her from speaking about her past marriage and any problems they had.

Court documents also state that once Harvey found out about the potential deal, he obtained a gag order against Berry in his divorce case from Vaughn, and accused her of being an “extortionist” and a “co-conspirator.” She believes this was done an attempt to “shatter and murder [her] emotional state of mind through the TX’s (sic) court with a lie for years.”

It gets worse though! Berry said Harvey “used his considerable financial resources and power to frame and defame her. In addition, she claims that the talk show host manipulated the court to get a gag order against Berry to stop her from moving forward on Mary’s case against him. 

(Mary once filed a $60 million lawsuit against her ex claiming he “tortured her” and was a “soul murder”, but a judge threw her claim out of court.)

“The defendant went to great lengths to make Ms. Berry’s life a living hell,” she noted in her complaint.
Essie says that Harvey ultimately made her fear for her life, caused her severe distress and ruined her career. 

She is demanding $5 million in damages for the harm she said she has suffered to her reputation, an apology and for Harvey to clear her name of claims that she was an extortionist and a co-conspirator.

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